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Company Overview
Haining Ferriwo Electronics Co. Ltd. has been established in 1998. The company is located in Haining city, the largest soft ferrite core manufacturing base in China. Ferriwo specializes in ferrite components industry and integrates technology development , production, sales and customer service supports. Ferriwo can provide 33 major kinds of soft ferrite materials, more than 3500 different kinds of soft ferrite cores including MnZn and NiZn materials. We have more than one thousand types of ferrite bobbins and clamps. The capacity of inductive components can reach as high as 50 millions pcs annually, some of which with UL and CE certification. With advanced production and inspection facilities and years of experience and success in ferrite components manufacturing, we persist in providing our customers high quality products with reasonable cost, prompt delivery and excellent service. Ferriwo can meet the strictest quality requirements from customers worldwide.
Continuous efforts toward quality perfection and commitment to customer satisfaction are the two core guidelines for all employees at Ferriwo.
Ferriwo has been developing with one clear objective: provide its customers with the best quality of products and services. Through adaptation to market evolutions and innovation, Ferriwo aims to be a prominent company in the electronic materials market by maintaining and developing close bonds between its customers, vendors and employees, Ferriwo strives to anticipate and fulfill the expectations of all stakeholders.
 Ferriwo strives to develop its market share by enhancing its capability to provide value added products and services to its customers. The company is dedicated to build on its reputation as the premier quality oriented service center in the local and overseas markets it serves.
 Ferriwo views its success in the context of a mutual benefit relationship with its customers. The company will keep in focusing on its technology and capability to provide its customers with economical product offerings and a full range of processing capabilities for their materials needs.
Environment & Safety

Committed to environmental protection
Our commitment towards excellence applies also to the environment. This includes developing “clean” processes, reducing industrial waste, eliminating hazardous substances from our products and reducing the environmental impact of our packaging. In line with the worldwide legislation, FERRIWO has introduced lead-free plating on all of our formerly tin/lead containing products.

FERRIWO and environmental care
Our actions geared toward environmental care can be summarized as follows:

  • Avoiding hazardous materials in products
  • Adopting clean process technologies and manufacturing methods
  • Reducing energy consumption in production
  • Reducing material usage and waste
  • Adopting new product packing methods
  • Improving health and safety in the workplace
  • Collecting and distributing environmental product information

Safety and Health Policy
We strive for highest standards of health and safety for everyone. The main focus in occupational health is on three objectives:

  • The maintenance and promotion of workers’ health and working capacity
  • The improvement of working environment and work to become conducive to safety and health
  • Development of work organizations and working cultures in a direction which supports health and safety at work and in doing
    so also promotes a positive social climate and smooth operation and may enhance productivity of the undertakings

Material Composition

MnZn Ferrite MSDS NiZn Ferrite MSDS MnZn SGS NiZn SGS
MgZn SGS Bobbin Material SGS Bobbin Material UL Tin SGS
Clamp Material UL Magnet Wire UL Insulating Tape UL Varnish UL
Drawing on years of experience in the field of inductive components, we currently offer a wide range of ferrite components in a variety of designs. Our products are widely used in a large variety of industries, such as LED Green lighting, Switch-mode power supplies, Data transmission, Telecommunications, Measuring instruments, Interference suppression, Antennae technology, Inductive sensors, Medical technology, Green alternative energy, The automotive industry, Telecommunication, Professional broadcasting technology, Medical technology and Video technology, as well as in electronic data-processing facilities.

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